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Swedish newcomer Discrete seems to have taken more pages from the music section of an encyclopedia than from his contemporaries. With inspiration ranging from ska to J-Pop, this twenty-three-year-old treks beyond the frontiers of dance music to deliver imaginative production.


Discrete’s first two singles garnered some 35 million plays across all platforms, and the coming months promise a spate of new releases. Upcoming single, “Trippin’ Bout You,” plunges into high-octane house, where Discrete marries classic dance synths with pop urgency.

Like some of the other drugs, love belongs on the tongue in “Trippin’ Bout You.” An indefatigable pulse hammers on as scintillating production ushers in melodic hook after melodic hook. ANGEL’s love-drug confession mutates into ethereal vocal chops, which Discrete fashions into the song’s explosive refrain. Discrete explains, “when you miss someone enough, you realize that parties and drugs aren’t enough to distract or comfort you. I believe everyone who’s experienced heartbreak can relate to some extent. There is no way around facing the truth.”


Born August Ramberg, Discrete grew up in a creative household and discovered music production at thirteen. He developed his production versatility on solo projects, and he later started working with writer-producers HITMANIC, known for their success in Asia; Ramberg has subsequently written for artists spanning just about every genre. Recently, he enjoyed the #1 position on the Japanese album charts for his work on Kis-My-Ft2’s Free Hugs!.


About the creative process for “Trippin’ Bout You,” Discrete recalls: “I finished the instrumental in the summer of 2018. Deko and I wrote the verses shortly thereafter, but it wasn’t until ANGEL and EJAE joined the team that the rest of the song fell in place. The four of us wrote the killer pre-chorus that fall. We had tried a few other singers on the early demos and struggled to envision the song as coherent. When we recorded ANGEL’s vocals, we felt it was a perfect match.”